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Japanese Incenses

By Stephanie Airey

There are many incense from different countries from around the globe. Some incense are more popular than others. Some of the different incense are:


  • Tibetan
  • Indian
  • North American Indian
  • Satya
  • Nag Champa
  • Spiritual Sky
  • Holy Smokes
  • Shoyeido

Today Japanese incense are becoming more and more popular. Their fragrances are unique and they create a wonderful atmosphere when burning.

There are numerous reasons why people burn incense but traditionally incense was burned in Japan for ceremonial purposes. Here in the western world we use incense for:

  • pleasure, because we love the different fragrances.
  • Meditaion
  • Yoga
  • Spiritual growth
  • Cermomny
  • Prayer
  • Cleansing
  • Ambience and atmosphere.

Burning incense in your home will change the atmosphere and energies of the room. This is one reason many people burn it during prayer and mediations. It aids the body to relax and the mind to clear. It is also good to burn incense sticks during a yoga session for the same reasons.

The different fragrances used will stimulate your senses to create pleasure and peace within your being and your soul.

Japanese incense sticks are mainly sandalwood based. All the ingredients that go into the sticks are all natural and of the highest quality. A bigger plus for burning Japanese incense sticks is they don’t contain a core stick. The sticks of incense are purely natural ingredients all the way through which means they burn with less smoke than incense sticks made with a core bamboo stick. They are made by mixing herbs, woods and resins creating wonderful, delightful fragrances. They are traditionally hand rolled and naturally dried being left to mature for several years before buring.

Some of the ingredients used in Japanese incense sticks are:

- Sandalwood

- Frankincense

- Aromatic woods

- Herbs

- Spices

- Cinnamon

- Cloves

- Patchouli

- Benzoin

- and more

Incense has been around for many centuries and recorded many times in the bible. Japanese incense originally came from China. Eventually the Japanese started to make their own incense sticks. One of the oldest established companies is Shoyeido. They began making incense sticks over 300 years ago, using only the finest natural ingredients and they are still going strong today.

Japanese incense if you haven’t already tried it, is second to none. Shoyeido has a great range to suit everyone’s tastes and they have an amazing mix of fragrances.Most are Sandalwood based. Their prices start at low prices and some are very expensive. It depends on the blends of herbs, woods, spices used in their blend.

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